March 22, 2015

Still no buoys in Skradin and Vinogradisce

Do you remember the endless bidding process for the concession in Skradin? I wrote about the details here, time to have an update:

Last autumn, the County of Sibenik-Knin granted the concession in Skradin to ACI, no wonder, the immoral offer of 6 millions Kn was hard to resist. But over the winter, the MPPI had a deeper look at the bidding process, found out that the decision was unlawful for several reasons and therefore revoked the concession. So there will be still no buoys in Skradin this summer.

Also no buoys this summer in Vinogradisce on Sv. Klement. The concessionaire, Mr Toto Meneghello from Toto's Restaurant told me that he is still in court refered to that concession.