Q: Where do you get the Anchorage Data?
A: I get the data from the MPPI, from the Narodne Novine, from the Croatian Zupanjes, from the Port Offices and from Readers of my site.

Q: I added an Anchorage via the "Add Anchorage" Button some weeks ago, but it still is not visible in the Map. Why?
A: My Map only shows the official Anchorages and Anchorages with buoys relevant for yachties. If the Anchorage you added  does not have buoys or is only relevant for small boats, I do not add it to my Map.

Q: Is your Map available as I-Phone or Android App?
A: Not yet, because from my point of view putting the Map into an App does not make sense. Offline usage of the Map in an App would be impossible anyway, since the Map is based on Google-Maps satellite images that have to come directly from the Google-Maps server. If you are online, you simply can use your mobile browser to view the Map and therefore do not need an App.

Q: Is your Map available via WebApp store?
A: Yes, it is free available as Amazon WebApp (see here) and Firefox WebApp (see here).