May 7, 2017

Survey about Nautical Anchorages

Two weeks ago, Andreas Fritsch from the biggest German sailing magazine "Yacht" organized an online survey about Nautical Anchorages. Participants had to answer the question:

"How do you rate chargeable Nautical Anchorages in Croatia or Mallorca?"

More than 800 participants answered as follows:

9 % - Very useful, prices are okay
36 % - Like to use, but costs are way too high
55 % - Too expensive, restricts free anchoring too much

Interesting result, Croatian tourism experts should think about it. For the full article in the "Yacht", see here.

November 5, 2016

Floating pontoons instead ob buoys

This summer the following two anchorages removed their buoys and placed floating pontoons instead:
In Ilovik, you can find four cross shaped pontoons that allow to berth up to eight boats each (25 kn/m), dinghy transfer is needed.

In Jadriscica a long floating pontoon for up to 50 boats (150 kn/boat) was placed, with direct access to land. Concessionaire David Kučić told me, that it is possible to book a place at number +385 98 9095747, for details see here.

October 15, 2016

Some price modifications

Several anchorages have modified their prices during the summer. I updated this in my map.

September 11, 2016

Nautical Info Service App by MPPI

In Spring 2012 the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure (MPPI) informed me, that they will publish a new Information Service for Sailors in Croatia "within the next weeks". More than four years later (in Summer 2016), they finally published this service called "nIS", you can see the announcement here, and find the app here (Android) or here (Apple).

According to the announcement the nIS contains information about navigation rules, weather, ports, nautical anchorages and other useful information. Since version 1.06 the app also displays "area of nautical anchorages on the maps". I was interested how they implemented this feature, and therefore had a look at the nIS app. Here is my review:

Unfortunately the nIS implementation of this feature is incomplete and inaccurate. Several nautical anchorages are missing completely in their map, and those who are displayed are sometimes inaccurate or wrong. See some examples here:

Anchorage Borovnjaci (Kakan): nIS displays one fantasy area, instead of four official areas:

wosamma map

nIS map

Anchorage Stari Grad (Hvar): nIS displays areas at wrong locations:
wosamma map
nIS map

Note: This are only two examples. There are many more issues in the nIS map.
To summarize this: Unfortunately the nIS is not as accurate as it should be. Hopefully, the MPPI corrects this issues "within the next weeks" :-)

June 19, 2016

Some map updates

During last winter, the concession in Ilovik - Sv. Petar was renewed. Therefore buoys were not available in may, but were placed again two weeks ago. New price is 18 kn/m.

Buoys in Olib (north of port) and in Jadriscica (Cres) are not available this summer, I marked them as "Out of service" in my map.