July 23, 2017

Buoys removed in Premuda

Some time ago, all buoys in Premuda were removed, so I just marked the anchorage as "out of service" in my map. Be aware: the mooring blocks are still on the ground (5-6 meters deep), maybe dive down and useage is possible...

Thanks for the info to readers of my blog.

July 2, 2017

Some more Anchorages with online payment

Two additional anchorages with online payment via www.adriabove.com are available at following locations:
So there are five anchorages maintained by Adria Bove this season (see my post about the other three here).

Dario Lovric from Adria Bove d.o.o. gave me the following informations regarding all anchorages from Adria Bove:

...Every buoy has a senzor for mooring status (free or in use) and from one center we operate whole system. All information are collected through the IT system. No need for any men-input. Of course there local staff for controlling situation  and help on field but they come on the field by purpose with information from "Operating Center". Every customer can see how may free buoys are on every and any field because buoys in usage are not visible on the web in real time. Payment can be done by credit-cards or e-banking system. In case of non-payment usage our local staff will come and make payment with additional charging due to their cost...

I also added some new price informations, e.g. Ilovik (Floating pontoon) 30kn/m ­čś▒

May 31, 2017

New Anchorages with online payment

In 2013 I wrote about the idea of smart buoys that can only be used when prepaid via mobile phone or credit card (see here). Today it seems that part of this idea is reality: Adria Bove d.o.o. has implemented a system where buoys of the following anchorages can be booked and payed online:
Booking and payment can be done via www.adriabove.com. The buoys itself are not smart, there simply is an information text applied, telling that you must register and pay online if you use the buoy, and that misuse will be fined.

Update 7. June: Currently the Adria Bove homepage show the message "Demo system for presentation purposes", so maybe booking and payment is not possible.

May 7, 2017

Survey about Nautical Anchorages

Two weeks ago, Andreas Fritsch from the biggest German sailing magazine "Yacht" organized an online survey about Nautical Anchorages. Participants had to answer the question:

"How do you rate chargeable Nautical Anchorages in Croatia or Mallorca?"

More than 800 participants answered as follows:

9 % - Very useful, prices are okay
36 % - Like to use, but costs are way too high
55 % - Too expensive, restricts free anchoring too much

Interesting result, Croatian tourism experts should think about it. For the full article in the "Yacht", see here.

November 5, 2016

Floating pontoons instead ob buoys

This summer the following two anchorages removed their buoys and placed floating pontoons instead:
In Ilovik, you can find four cross shaped pontoons that allow to berth up to eight boats each (25 kn/m), dinghy transfer is needed.

In Jadriscica a long floating pontoon for up to 50 boats (150 kn/boat) was placed, with direct access to land. Concessionaire David Ku─Źi─ç told me, that it is possible to book a place at number +385 98 9095747, for details see here.