Why this Blog

At the beginning I implemented the Map just to get a good overview about the official licensed Anchorages. Publishing the Map on my Site was the next logical step, but from this moment the Map got more and more popular since it is best quality source for on-time informations regarding the official licensed Nautical Anchorages in Croatia..

But this official information changes several times per year (due to change of concessions). Tracking the changes is not possible in the Map, it just shows the actual status. So its this blog's issue, to fill this gap.

I got emails from readers in many counties asking questions regarding the Map. I realized that the Anchorages Map is listed in many international articles, forums and blogs. Interests in this Map are spread widely, and the best way to inform readers about issues the Map cannot show, and also about the history of this Map, is this blog.

If you visit some of this Anchorages you can send me up-to-date infos about the local situation (photos, buoys available, price, ...) via mail. I will post this infos to the blog, so that the community is informed.

Feel free to help me in any way you want & apologize my bad english.

Thank you.