May 11, 2014

Farce around new Concession in Skradin

The plans for a Nautical Anchorage south of ACI-Marina Skradin do exist for five years by now, but still no concession has been granted. Some days ago, the bidding process has reached a new level of curiosity.

What happened? As Croatian newspapers report (see here), six different bidders want to operate the Anchorage. Five of them handed over their offers containing investments with an value up to 200.000 Kn. Now ACI has handed over an offer that claims to invest more than 6.000.000 Kn. Cool, but: How to invest 6 millions Kn into 18 Buoys?

For the other bidders, this offer is ridiculous, they argue: "Even pure golden moorings would cost less than 6 millions". But for the County of Sibenik-Knin, this is an immoral offer, hard to resist. The political background makes things even more complicated (Croatian government is main owner of ACI), and while Nediljko Dujić, the mayor of Skradin, criticizes the concession law that allows such unrealistic offers, another season starts without buoys in Skradin.