June 13, 2014

Anchorage in Gradina

There are news regarding the Anchorage in:
Some weeks ago, the County of Dubrovnik-Neretva has modified the zoning plans of the Vela Luka Port Area (see details here). As a result, Uvala Gradina is now inside the Port Area of Vela Luka and therefore under control of Vela Luka Port Authority.

Background reason for the zoning plan modification are investment plans that want to modify the Port of Vela Luka and the surrounding area (see details here). Until now, nothing of this investment plan has been realized (since no investors were found by now), but anyway, the Port Authority of Vela Luka has started to collect an Anchoring Fee for the existing Restaurant-Buoys and also for free Anchoring.

This fact keeps us back with one question: Is it okay to include a natural bay into the zoning plans of a port just for making money? I will investigate, and keep you up to date...