July 26, 2013

Concession List update

This week the MPPI updated the list of licensed Anchorages (first time this year). Several Concessions were modified. There are modifications due to new Concessionaire e.g. in Landin (Pasman), Siroka and Mljake (Ist) and modifications due to price rise e.g. in Borovnjaci and Tratica (Kakan) and Remetic (Kaprije).

Also the following new Anchorage was added to the list:
The updated Concession List is published here (click on "Nauticka Sidrista" on the site). Note: Due to lapse there are several links on the MPPI site that lead to older versions of the Concession List, e.g. all links from the english version of the MPPI site and the link from the croatian MPPI start page leads to an outdated version.

Some days ago new buoys were placed near Otok Korcula in:
Many thanks for this information to Readers of my site.