June 27, 2013

New Feature: Moorings in Map

Until now, my map only listed Anchorages. Cool, but there could be more... I needed a new challenge and finally found it: Moorings!

So, from today my map will show Moorings (by means of Mooring-ropes available in Ports and Marinas) additionally to Anchorages (by means of Concession-areas with Buoys). Of course, there are many Moorings in Croatia, and it will be a lot of work to get all of them (okay, at least most of them) so your help is appreciated. I already startet with the ACI-Marinas, and will continue with Ports. I re-designed the "Add Anchorage" functionality so it is an ease to add new Moorings or Buoys, just try!

Adding Buoys or Moorings via "Add Anchorage"
Please consider that the Anchorages you add will be visible for others just after verification to ensure quality data. Thank you!