March 4, 2012

Map Integration into WebApp

I just extended functionality of the Anchorages Map and therefore integrated into a WebApp. So from now on this is a "Map WebApp", running in all PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, iPhone, iPad and others (hopefully! If you find bugs, just tell me...).

The new functionality:
  • You can add Anchorage informations via the "Add Anchorage" button.
  • There is a list of all Anchorages with a direct link to each Anchorage.
  • Location Awareness can be switched on and off.
Regarding the "Add Anchorage" functionality: Since I published the Map, I received several mails with informations about cool Anchorages. The main problem to publish this informations was "where exactly do you mean..". To have a better communication, you now can add Anchorage informations directly in the Map. If you know about an Anchorage (with or without buoys), you just can save this information via the button. I will release this information after verification.