March 2, 2012

Map download available

So finally, I got it. Since it was quite boring the last days, I took the next logical step and implemented the automatic generation of KML- and GPX-Files directly from the actual Concession List. Now this task is finished, and as a result the files are available here (also use the "Download Map" menu on the right side of this blog).

Special Thanks to Marjan from Slovenia, who gave me great input regarding GPX syntax and also supported me during test phase (actually i did not have software to verify the GPX-File...).

You can download this files for offline usage in Google-Earth, your preferred Navigation Software or in your Chartplotter. You are free to use this files for private use, but please respect that this work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License.

Marjan and me tested this files in Google Earth, MapSource and HomePort, worked pretty cool. Unfortunally we do not have a Chartplotter available, but if you have one and tried the files there, just send me a notice about that.

I also tried to import the files to the Navionics Mobile App, but this is not possible straight forward. The Navionics Mobile FAQs say about this issue:
Q. Is it possible to import/export user data such as waypoints, markers, tracks and routes with Navionics Mobile?
A. No. Currently it is not possible to import or export any user data. The only operation users can do is share user data via email/FB/Twitter on Google Earth or Google Maps.

But there might be a way to import the GPX-File to the Navionics Mobile App via a Raymarine Chartplotter and PlotterSync. Maybe there will be more about this in my next post...