January 29, 2012

The "real" Blog Start

Since January was rather boring, I used the time to set up this blog. Unfortunally I did not start earlier, so it was quite a pretty effort to translate my memories, my mails and my diary from german to english and bring it to this blog. Anyway, now its amazing to read the history of my Anchorage Map in this way and I am glad that I did it. The older post is re-dated to true date, just as if it was created in those days.

So, why starting the blog now, why posting the old issues, and why posting in english (i am Austrian...)? Its, because in the last weeks I realized that the Anchorages Map is listed in many international articles and forums. I got emails from readers in many counties asking questions regarding the Map. If you google for "http://www.wosamma.at/bojenfelder/map.php" or for "http://www.wosamma.at/karten", you will see that there are many pages linking to my Map, some of them I cannot even read (polish, russian...). Interests in this Map are spread widely, and the best way to inform readers about issues the Map cannot show, and also about the history of this Map, would be this blog. That's why I started. Feel free to help me in any way you want (inform me via mail, comments, links...).

Thank you.