February 7, 2012

Name & URL of Croatian Ministry changed

Curious: The Croatian Ministry that provides the Concession List on which my Anchorage Map is based has changed name from "Ministarstvo mora, prometa i infrastrukture" to "Ministarstvo pomorstva prometa i infrastrukture". So basically, the "Sea" in the name has changed to "Maritime Affairs", maybe due to the results of the election 2011 in Croatia that lead to a new Croatian cabinet.

This new name of course leads to a new URL of the Ministry homepage, changing from mmpi.hr to mppi.hr. Since yesterday all requests to the old URL are forwarded to the new one.
Nice, BUT: unfortunally this does not work for direct links! Therefore all those links directing from many forum-posts, articles and homepages to the Concession List are now broken. Damn...

Of course, I already repaired the link to the List on my Anchorages Map Page.