December 12, 2015

What about MPPI Excel-list update?

As you know: The Excel-list of the Nautical Anchorages in Croatia (as published on the site of the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs (MPPI)) is one of the data sources for my map. In the last years this Excel-list was updated sporadically by MPPI, but unfortunately in 2015 no updates were published. Until today, the MPPI publishes the version from May 2014, and therefore many informations in the Excel-list are outdated, also some new anchorages are missing while expired anchorages are still listed.

So I kept my map up to date with the help of other sources and personal research until now, and will also do so in future. Of course your help is appreciated, thank you.

Surprisingly, one german and one slovenian online sailing media reported, that the MPPI Excel-list was updated this spring, but in fact this is not true. I don't know why this media have reported this.