November 22, 2013

No Anchoring near Concession Area - Law modified

Maybe you remember: In Autumn 2012 Croatian government published a law that forbids anchoring 300 meters around the Concession Areas, I wrote about the details here.
And maybe you also remember: In Spring 2013 Croatian sailors started a petition against this law, I wrote about the details here.

In Summer 2013 this petition was handed over to the MPPI, and finally the law was modified again! The new added Article 49 (3) of this document (published in the Narodne Novine, see here) says:

"In the waters of nautical anchors to the coast, and at distances up to 150 m from the nautical anchor in the direction of the open sea is prohibited anchoring of marine facilities and hydroplanes own anchor system, except in cases of force majeure or distress at sea."

So the distance where anchoring is forbidden now is reduced from 300 meters to 150 meters. This is a remarkable success of the petition started by Croatian sailors via Nautica Portal, and also a success for those of you that singed the petition, thank you very much.