April 16, 2011

Completing the Map

Until now, I just had the coordinates of the Excel-Sheet on Google-Maps. Cool, but not quite pretty. So I modified the script, to connect the coordinates of each Anchorage to an area. Tricky thing, once have to consider the coordinates in the Excel-Sheet were disordered, leading to areas with crossing border lines. After adding some sorting algoritm, the areas appeared as nice rectangles, pretty good overview...

Next I added some code that generated a PopUp for each Anchorage to show the additional infos from the Excel-Sheet (Price, Provider...). Quite simple, i felt, the Map is almost fininshed. Some code re-factoring here and there, and that's it, Puh!
So there was only one thing left: Publishing.

I already had my Wosamma Homepage up and running for several years, so it was quite logical to put the Anchorages Map there. I created a Nautical Anchorage Page and linked the script. Cool!